London time!

Spent the last 2 days touring around london with the rest of the scouts on the exchange. Us danes finally got here after my train broke on the way to the Copenhagen airport but i got there eventually and then for once our plane didnt brake and we made it to london! after some very inconvenient things that happened that we apparently don’t know much about we didnt get to stay in BP house like we wanted to, but the hotel we are in is pretty cool, because you know free breakfast and wifi is a way to a teenagers heart. 

first day here we went and go Yoghurt and pizza and had fun on the tube, and then yesterday we went to the tower of london and saw the crown jewels and rode on a really old bus and saw some pretty awesome stuff there and then we ended up at the shakespeare globe at which one of the girls got dressed up in ye old timey clothes to demonstrate what it looks like, then we got an awesome irish tour guide who knew so much stuff about the globe and everything about it but actually made it enjoying whilst being extremely sarcastic, basically paying out every nationality that was there and very loudly reciting hamlet lines in my face trying to get me to feel what he wouldve felt, his breath wasn’t too bad but eh was a pretty cool day. 

Then today we got to walk around Churchill’s bunker and the cabinet war rooms and look at all the stuff around there and listen to an audio guide that gave us all the info and then went for a walk through the park and saw squirrels on the way to see Queen Lizz at her palace. after being tourists and doing the photos and attempting to fit us all in a phone box we went to platform 9 3/4 and got our photos and then this evening we went on a jack the ripper tour around white chapel and got to see photos and sketches from the time and stand at the sites of the murder and hear all the lovely and gruesome details of the murders! so we are all definitely enjoying our time here so far! time for the harry potter tour tomorrow!

Aussie day in Copenhagen… again

So yet again all the Australians, set off into Copenhagen from our various locations around Denmark so that in our last week here we can have some time with the other aussies, and so that we can also share out lovely stories about how danish people say words or pronounce things. As we walked down their main shopping strip we of course had to go into every single danish souvenir shop there was, just incase there was something different in each, which there wasnt, but we checked anyways. we also got to see the changing of the guard at the royal family’s house courtyard thing, and see a glimpse of the queen in the windows above, then she disappeared to which we decided that she has super danish queen powers and super secret tunnels to go between the 4 royal houses. It was really cool seeing all the fluffy royal guards and their marching band walking around, and of course the awkward shuffles by the soldiers whent hey were moving back into formation.  After a good day of random shopping, people missing trains,eating waffles and queen conspiracies its been a pretty good end to a trip that we will remember for a life time.